A Message from our New President


What a changeable series of events we have had over the past few months and just when most of us thought we could see the light at the end of the tunnel we are now back in lockdown for at least six weeks.

The previous restrictions have meant members couldn’t socialize as normal at the Club, we couldn’t easily keep up with the news or gossip as the case may be and we haven’t been able to engage in discussion re the AGM or nominations for positions for the new Management Committee under the new structure. As a result, and disappointedly, there were few nominations so behind the scenes there were many phone conversations trying to persuade people to take up the eight Management positions. Fortunately, we managed to gain a full compliment.

We were intending to hold the AGM as planned on Tuesday 14th July albeit with the maximum of 20 members in the Clubrooms and possibly some on zoom. With the new COVIS-19 restrictions that would not have been possible.

The AGM was cancelled as not required because:

  • No voting was required as there was only one nomination for each position.
  • The members of the new committee are existing members of the board apart from a new assistant treasurer.
  • No topics for discussion at the AGM were received by the due date.

Once things return to normal, we will hold a Special General meeting for Members to attend and raise any topics they wish.

So now let me say thank you to Max Hay for his years of dedicated service to the Club as Chairman of the Board of Management– a job very well done.

I also want to thank my newly appointed team members to the Management Committee for taking on their responsibilities under such difficult circumstances.

Most of you may know that Cheryl and I caravan north each year during winter. This absence was my main concern when being nominated as President. I am very conscious of being able to dedicate enough time to the role. However, because as no other Member nominated, I felt it required me to do so.

Cheryl and I left Victoria on Monday just before the border closure so we are fortunate in that we can tour NSW. Max has agreed to sub for me during my absence and I have email access for important Club matters if they arise, but I expect it to be quiet on all fronts with the Club closed until further notice.

I think we all should thank Ric Acott and in particular David McCutcheon for sending out regular Club communications. They have spent a great deal of time behind the scenes. Thanks, guys.

For general information I can say that we are in the final stages of reviewing the new council lease for five years. As a result of this review the proposed bar upgrade will be deferred because of tighter council requirements regarding building modifications. Instead, we will attempt to make better use of what we have.

Additionally, we have also started the process of investigating the upgrade/replacement of our greens. This will take some time but the process had started with the first supplier inspection due next Monday. However, that will also now need to be postponed.

As per the last communique from Ric and David please complete your membership renewal and bowling details. I am concerned that with all the restrictions some Members may lose interest. I hope not because we must maintain four pennant sides for Saturday and, if possible, three for Tuesday.

Stay safe,

Paul Vinton